About us

How the Lizard Tamer was born

Experience & Creativity

Meet Sonya Mosimann, a renowned children’s expert based in Switzerland with close to 5’000 coaching sessions in 13 years. As the founder of mindTV, she has trained over 700 visualization coaches, written books, hosts a podcast and has created widely used coaching concepts for children.

A Concept is Born

The idea with the lizard was spontaneously born in a coaching session, just like all of Sonya Mosimann’s innovative ideas. Little did she know, it would become a game-changer for so many parents and their children.

The Angry Lizard

Step by step the lizard concept evolved into the videobooks “The Angry Lizard”, a 10-second ritual for kids to calm their emotions and throw away anger. It was soon followed by “The Fearful Lizard”.

Training Professionals

Soon teachers, professional coaches, and health therapists wanted to learn more about this innovative approach. Sonya recognized this need and created a training program to teach these professionals how they could help others tame their lizard.

Testing with Parents

Realizing she was on to something special, Sonya explored countless ways to bring this fantastic concept directly to parents. In early 2023 she began a hands-on trial with more than a dozen families. 

Launching Lizard Tamer

The results were overwhelmingly positive, with parents reporting increased communication and understanding with their children. It helped us finalize and launch the first version of the Lizard Tamer. 

Today we invite you to come on this journey with us. We’re only getting started.